[Encyclopedia of simple methods of waffles]_How to do_How to do

[Encyclopedia of simple methods of waffles]_How to do_How to do

Many people have eaten waffles. It even tastes sweet and has a beautiful shape. It is a very common food in cake shops and western restaurants, but in fact, ordinary people can follow certain simple practices at home.To make delicious waffles, you only need to prepare certain raw materials, waffle molds. This is mainly used for shaping the waffles, and then you can make the same delicious waffles in a specific order.

The charm of waffles lies in the fact that they are obviously a pile of batter, and once opened, they become Tetris.

Also, the crunchy texture I like so much.

Ingredients: melted butter 60g low-gluten flour 160g eggs 150g fine granulated sugar 60g milk 100g corn starch 40g baking powder 3-4g waffle+ Corn starch + baking powder, sieve once, sieve again, sieve to the previous step, stir with an egg beater until smooth; 4 pour the melted paste into a uniform state;

It can be poured into a measuring cup for easy pouring on the waffle mold. 6Before using the waffle mold, apply a layer of melted paste evenly on both sides, and apply the gaps.On a gas stove, medium and small fires, both sides must be preheated. Preheat to the point where the first water drips and no more, about 1 minute on one side?
Then pour in the batter; After the batter is poured in, it almost covers the entire interior of the waffle. If it is not covered in some places, please pay attention to it artificially?
Then cover the case, heat it for about 1 minute, then rotate it for 1-2 minutes, and turn it over again for 1 minute; 9 Wait until no steam is seen, indicating that it is almost cooked, you can open it to see if it is under fire, then slightlyHeat it up, but be careful not to confuse it. Use low heat?
In addition, in order to color the waffle uniformly, please move the heated position of the mold as much as possible.

Tips can be served with powdered sugar, maple syrup, jam, whipped cream and more.